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MBA | Finance | Strategy | Business Ops

Outdoor Enthusiast | Book Lover | Runner | Traveler

Modern Shapes and Frames Line Burst


I am a well-rounded Strategy and Finance professional with a passion for action, commitment to collaborative partnership, and nearly a decade of diverse experience within Automotive, SaaS, and Consumer Goods.

I am based in Portland, OR with my partner Tyler and our pups, Dune & Dash. I thrive on adventuring - from solo skydiving, bungee jumping, and running marathons, to exploring new books, trails, restaurants, and destinations.


MS Information Design & Strategy; Northwestern University

Expected Graduation: 2026

MBA, Finance & ISM Focus;

Wayne State University

BA, Finance & Economics;

Michigan State University


Hard Skills

  • Strategic Finance & FP&A
  • Revenue Strategy, Ops, & Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Strategic Planning & Forecasting
  • Performance Management (KPIs, OKRs)
  • Presenting

Soft Skills

  • Highly Engaging
  • Teamwork & Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Decision Making


from leadership & PEER REVIEWS

"Kristine brings an energy that not many have – it’s positive, cheerful, bubbly and light, which makes every day working with her enjoyable.

Yet she also holds a feisty passion inside as well, and when she feels strongly about something she is rightfully passionate about driving change."

"Kristine knows her "stuff"

but humble.

She's a Strategist,

Operator, Financier.

A "Renaissance Woman",

if you will."

"Kristine's positive attitude is contagious. She approaches everything she does, big or small, with enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference."

"She is a connector. She takes time to learn about people and systems to maximize the whole"

"I've observed Kristine grow into an elite generalist, bridging the gap between the left and right brain teams to break down silos which exist at companies of any size.

I can firmly say she separates from her peers through her ability to navigate organizational dynamics with humility and vulnerability, allowing her to be the cultural glue of her team"

"People gravitate toward your charismatic energy, your positivity, and your ability to be the social glue that keeps a team together, enjoying their work, and performing with purpose. I have never seen anyone intrinsically motivate people as you do. You are one of the most important aspects of upholding a work culture that is EXPECTED for upcoming generations -- you are observant and coach people not on how but on the what and the why."

"You operate at the intersection of logic and experimentation. With your background in finance, you're able to clearly define a logical and realistic path forward. The KEY is that you don't stop there. You source other ideas, you engage with others outside your area of expertise, and you're incredibly open-minded when you do so... you genuinely are curious about what could make something better"

"Kristine exemplifies leadership qualities that help support and guide the team. Identifying goals, pushing initiatives along, and executing important projects helped set our team up for future success. Kristine shows a proactive tenacity for getting things done with positive results."

"I truly believe that Kristine is the glue that holds the team together. She brings data and insights to every meeting to help drive our team to make smarter and more informed decisions. This ability to be informed and prepared for anything is something I admire. She brings this material to our group with respect, empathy for others and accountability for change."

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